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Repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives.


Our vision for DC and Alexandria is a vibrant community where people of all income groups and cultures live in safe and healthy homes. We are working towards this goal by: 

• Repairing and rehabilitating homes free of cost for those in need, including the elderly, persons with disabilities, military veterans, and families with children

• Revitalizing communities by improving common spaces and schools serving low-income neighborhoods

• Creating affordable housing in DC and Alexandria,VA


Our values:

• Transparency and integrity

• Serve all residents in need, regardless of gender, race, class, sexuality, disability, etc.

• Collaborate and partner with related organizations

• Complete projects in an environmentally conscious manner

• Sustain a fiscally and operationally sound organization 

"The city of Alexandria and its residents have greatly benefited by Rebuilding Together Alexandria's free home repairs." 

Former Mayor William Euille, City of Alexandria


Rebuilding Together DC • Alexandria creates healthy neighborhoods for the residents by maintaining affordable housing, revitalizing community spaces, and creating homeownership opportunities. By working with local community partners through our programs, we are able to make a greater collective impact on neighborhoods throughout the area.

Safe and Healthy Homes

Because home hazards disproportionately affect low-income persons living in older and/or substandard housing, our Safe and Healthy Home program focuses on stabilizing 25 items that the National Center for Healthy Housing found to drastically improve living conditions for residents, such as operable smoke/CO2 detectors, proper ventilation, and a working fire extinguisher.  

Last year, our clients met only 68% of the recommended items, but after Rebuilding Together made repairs and upgrades, 86% of the items that contribute to a safe and health home were completed. 

"I haven't smiled since my husband died a year ago, but the repairs you did on my home put a permanent smile on my face. Thank you for making me be happy." 

EH, Homeowner

Safe at Home

The Safe at Home program helps older adults and people with disabilities living in DC reduce the risk of falls in partnership with the DC Department on Aging and Community Living (DACL).  Currently the DC Department on Aging and Community Living offers grab bars, chair lifts and other safety modifications for DC residents below 80% Area Median Income (AMI).  Rebuilding Together DC • Alexandria will provide the same services for qualifying households who make 80-100% AMI, working with occupational therapists.


Community Strong

Our Community Strong program provides improvements to a variety of common spaces used by thousands of Alexandria residents. From community parks and gardens to senior centers, homeless shelters and low-income daycare facilities, we partner with other organizations to upgrade or renovate these areas. Activities include building greenhouses and vegetable gardens, installing benches and tables, creating walkways, planting greenery, installing play areas, and much more. 

Because of the work we’ve completed, children now have safe areas to play, neighbors have gardens to grow their own food, seniors have social connection spaces, and safe facilities to attend, and whole neighborhoods have been revitalized.  

A Home Of Your Own

A Home of Your Own provides first-time buyers with an opportunity to become homeowners. We acquire foreclosed properties, renovate them using volunteer and skilled tradespeople, and sell the units to low- and moderate-income City residents and workers with greatly discounted and subsidized funding. In partnership with the City’s Office of Housing, we have provided affordable homes for more than 25 families.



We are part of a national network of more than 130 affiliates, making Rebuilding Together the nation's largest nonprofit working to preserve affordable home-ownership, revitalize neighborhoods, and provide home repair services free of charge to those in need. 

"I feel like I won the lottery. It's the best thing to happen. It's a blessing." 

CH, Homeowner

Rebuilding Together DC • Alexandria was established in 1986, and during that time, we have:

  • Served households with average annual income of just $31,116. Nationally, there are 25.4 million low-income homeowners, 11.8 million of whom are elderly (Census 2012).
  • Recruited more than 28,000 volunteers, who have worked on more than 2,200 projects.
  • Leveraged $8.8 million worth of in-kind value to the Alexandria community.

Though we provide repair services year round, many volunteer projects take place on National Rebuilding Day in April. Annually, 1,000+ volunteers donated $350,000+ in manual labor and materials to Alexandria's neediest.

If you know of an DC or Alexandrian individual or family that can be served through our programs, please contact us at 703.836.1021.

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